We Give You Control Of Your Shipments

Introducing Saita Logistics, the revolutionary P2P system for global logistics created by Saitama in partnership with ePay.me. Utilizing AI to determine the best shipment option, Saita Logistics simplifies the process between sender and recipient, while allowing for secure and efficient cryptocurrency payments. With the ability to send anything by air or sea, Saita Logistics is the cutting-edge solution for all your global logistics needs.

What Is Saitapro

SaitaPro is the ultimate one-stop for decentralized finance, designed to provide users with a seamless experience for managing their digital assets. With SaitaPro, users can easily manage and trade their cryptocurrencies, and take advantage of advanced features such as buying crypto using their card through the ePay.me integration and bulk transfer capabilities. Our platform provides a secure and reliable solution for users to store, manage and trade their digital assets, all in one place. Trust in Saitama's industry-leading expertise to bring you the best in digital asset management and trading. Get SaitaPro for Android or iOS to easily access Saita Logistics.

What Is Epay.Me

ePay.me is a leading online payment gateway, offering innovative and reliable payment solutions to clients across the globe. As part of their commitment to innovation, ePay.me has partnered with Saitama to provide users with a seamless way to buy cryptocurrencies using their cards. This partnership has now been extended to Saita Logistics, with ePay.me acting as the backbone of the crypto payment system, enabling clients to use their digital assets to pay for their logistics needs. With this ground breaking solution, Saita Logistics has taken a major step towards simplifying and streamlining the logistics process, while ePay.me continues to demonstrate its dedication to providing innovative and cutting-edge payment solutions.

We Are Saitama

Saitama Technology is a Web 3.0 technology company based in Dubai (UAE) primarily focused on developing a DeFi ecosystem for everyday life. Saitama has released SaitaPro, a one stop shop for Decentralized Finance and has announced SaitaCard and Saita Logistics to be released in early 2023. Saitama's own token ($ Saitama, ERC20) has reached a market cap valuation of 7.5 Billion US dollars in its all time high. Saitama has a community of hundreds of thousands of holders and is developing it’s own blockchain Saita Chain which will revolutionize crypto payments and use the Saitama token as gas for all on-chain transactions.